Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Alex In Yarnder Land Amigurumi Series

Introducing...drum roll...

Alex In Yarnder Land! 

Scroll down for the link to the free crochet pattern on the Clover Blog and for the other Alex In Yarnder Land character pattern links and their short story links.

What is Alex In Yarnder Land?

Alex In Yarnder Land: Yarn Tales With Alex, is a short story series full of crochet, magic, mystery, adventure and love. I've been working on this series for a couple of years, developing Yarnder Land and designing the characters, while writing short stories. Alex's adventures will be released in podcast format first, in 2024. This will allow me more time to continue writing while I introduce the main characters and some of the villains, in crochet form as free crochet patterns. Each character will also have their own introduction short story. These are like commercials for the Alex In Yarnder Land Podcast Series. 

Alex is just an ordinary girl until she finds a new world and meets the man of her dreams. Blue is the man in the moon and his job is to help the lost find their way home in Yarnder Land, but when he meets a girl named Alex, his life is changed forever. Later they find out that they were childhood friends but The Fates had another plan. Will Blue give up everything for Alex?

“Alex uses her hook to,
crochet, crochet something new.
Her designs are so so fine,
must be made with magic twine!
Solving mysteries, stopping crime,
and sometimes going back in time.
Her story isn’t just crochet,
she meets gnomes along the way.
Elves, fairies and ghosts too,
she even meets a boy named Blue.”

Where does the name Yarnder Land come from?

Some people have never heard of the word “yonder” but I have heard it all of my life. Anytime anyone needed to tell someone where something was, I would hear, “it’s over yonder!” which meant that it was over there, somewhere. Combining that word with yarn, has inspired me to create a world where there are magic and mysteries, adventures and fun. I can’t wait to start sharing my short stories from Yarnder Land with you all.

Was Alex Inspired by me?

Yes! Alex In Yarnder Land: Yarn Tales With Alex, is based loosely on my life and most of the characters were inspired by my family and friends. 

Alex is wearing a pink dress inspired by one I actually own. You may have seen it in an instagram post recently, where I unboxed the yarn I used for this design. (Scroll down for the video or click on the instagram link here.) 

Both dresses are light pink, have ruffles and end just below the knee.

Her clothes are also removable and she has a tank top on under her dress.

Help Alex get dressed by first sliding her dress over her feet and up her torso, then slip her boots on sideways and then turn them right. Last, don't forget Alex's crochet hook! More outfits coming soon!

I also almost always wear my tall boots and since I don’t carry a pocket book, most of the time, I keep things in my boots. Sometimes I have my cell phone in one boot and a change purse in the other. So I had to put a crochet hook in Alex’s boot!

My hair is also naturally wavy/curly so I had to give her some pretty, curly hair. I love how this hair is crocheted by first making a circle with loops exposed and then going back into the exposed loops while crocheting strands of hair. Then the hair is glued on with fabric glue and held in place with pins while drying. No sewing a thousand strands of hair!

The blush on her cheeks is actual blush I wear. I applied it with the same brush I use on myself too. Eyeshadow would be a good substitution.

The yarn!

Before I started designing Alex and the other characters, I reached out to Universal Yarn for yarn support. I knew immediately that I wanted to use Universal Yarn's Uptown Worsted because of the feel, look and all of the colors available. 

I'm so happy that I used this yarn because it is perfect for these designs!

Uptown Worsted: 3.5 oz | 100 g | 180 yds | 165 m | Medium Weight | 100 % anti-pilling acrylic

Colors Used: 

Linen: 1 skein, approximately 45 grams used

310 Baby Pink: 1 skein, approximately 50 grams used

Glow White: 1 skein, very small amount used, for detailing the eyes

Donahue: 1 skein, approximately 25 grams used

Black: 1 skein, approximately 7 grams used

Acorn: 1 skein, approximately 85 grams used

More characters are coming soon!

I’m so excited for Alex's release and I can’t wait to share more soon!

The next character crochet pattern release will be June 23, 2023! There is a hint in the poem up above!

Alex In Yarnder Land Free Pattern:



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Alex In Yarnder Land Patterns

Alex In Yarnder Land Intro Stories


More coming soon!

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Disclaimer: Universal Yarn sent the yarn support for this pattern. There may be affiliate links in this post. This means that if a purchase is made through my link, I will get a small percentage but the price does not change for the customer.