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The Fates: Free Crochet Pattern And Short Story

Hello to you all! Are you ready for the next character in the Alex In Yarnder Land Series? Introducing The Fates! Meet Jinx, Serendipity and Kismet! Even though they share a body, they each have their own job and personality! Scroll down for the link to the free amigurumi pattern on the Clover Blog and scroll down to the bottom for The Fate's introduction story.

The Fates are the fourth character pattern and short story release from the Alex In Yarnder Land Series. The character patterns are available for free on the Clover Blog. Each character short story is an introduction story to the character, as well as a commercial for the the short story podcast about Alex in Yarnder Land, which will be available on all podcast platforms in 2024.

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More character patterns and introduction short stories to come soon! The next release will be available September 22, 2023!

Serendipity, the middle sister, is the fate of love and good fortune. Her job is to use her spindle to spin a golden string that foretell a person’s future. As she spins the golden string she adds in love, friendship, and good fortune, hopeful that the new baby will have a beautiful life.

Jinx, the oldest of the sisters, is the fate of death, hate, and bad fortune. As Serendipity spins the golden string, Jinx adds in enemies, obstacles and bad fortune, balancing out the good that Serendipity has added in. She also uses her scissors to cut the string, signifying when a person will die but she doesn’t make the decision of when the person will die. That job goes to her younger sister.

Kismet, the youngest of the sisters, is the fate of life and balance. She considers everything that Serendipity and Jinx has added into a person’s life and then she uses her measuring tape to measure out how long that person should live. Kismet sees the whole picture of a person’s life which makes her more compassionate and sympathetic about the being who’s destiny they are creating. When Serendipity and Jinx argue, Kismet is the referee, which can be hard for her because she often wants to side with Serendipity even when Jinx is right.


The Fates are made with Universal Yarn Uptown Worsted, which is a medium weight yarn made from 100% anti pilling acrylic that offers a wide range of colors. This yarn is very soft but perfect for the amigurumi designs that I have been creating for my Alex In Yarnder Land Series. 

The Colors

Top 3 from left to right: donahue, lavender and river.

Middle 3 from left to right: white glow, pale orchid and black. 

Bottom: dijon.

Disclaimer: Universal Yarn sent the yarn support for this pattern. There may be affiliate links in this post. This means that if a purchase is made through my link, I will get a small percentage but the price does not change for the customer.

The Fates Free Crochet Pattern


Alex appeared, her hair flying wildly behind her, with a bright smile and glow to her cheeks that made her seem like the most beautiful creature he had ever witnessed. Starstruck, Blue stood enchanted and paralyzed, his feet unable to move, as he watched Alex disappear into the middle of the mushroom ring behind the mysterious cat and wandered if he would ever see her again. The moon shone brighter and Blue also disappeared.


Aurora yawned as she hung from her tree branch by the ghostly white thread that she had spun earlier. She sighed, looked up and witnessed the moment Blue saw Alex enter Yarnder Land. The look of recognition on her brother’s  face made her turn to look in the direction he was entranced with and that’s when Aurora saw Alex through her thick, black eye lashes. She watched as a young woman stepped through the Old RedBud Door as she was pulled in gently by a golden string that was tied to her wrist. Just as she stepped her gray boots onto the jade colored moss that lined the forest floor, the elegantly decorated door with ancient carvings, closed behind the mysterious woman and the golden string faded and disappeared.

The Fates: Intro Story

Story Three

The three sisters watched as the little red haired boy in suspenders and the little blonde girl in her pink dress, played in the forest of Yarnder Land. Another child, the boy’s sister, who had long red hair which was much brighter than her brother’s, watched from behind a tree. A dark, hairy spider crawled across one of The Fate’s many  long and curly roots, it then continued up their sturdy dark gray tree trunk body, and under the slit in their light pale lavender gown. A moment later the spider popped out from under the gown at Serendipity’s light gray throat and then crawled down their waist and across Kismet’s golden measuring tape that they used for a sash. The spider then crawled up one of Serendipity’s long, purple strands of hair and onto the tree branch arm that Jinx’s head sat on. It passed by a beautiful golden leaf and then crawled up Jinx’s gray chin as she frowned and spat at the spider. Jinx was the eldest of the sisters and the least emphatic towards any creature. She cursed at the spider and blew at it, her small black eyes crossed as she stared at the spider that was now on her small nose. Jinx’s white bun bobbled back and forth as she twisted her head from side to side, making the tree branch shake up and down as she tried to shake off the small intruder. Her small pointy ears started wiggling as she cursed again at the spider and tried to spit at it as it crawled back down her wrinkled cheek and chin. The hint of purple in her gray cheeks had turned red and sweat was pouring down Jinx’s face from exertion and she started breathing heavily as a long, winding root finally knocked the spider off of Jinx’s chin and Kismet, the youngest of the sisters, burst into laughter. Her twin violet buns bounced back and forth on her head as she giggled on her tree branch, on the other side of Serendipity. 

Serendipity, in the middle, just like her age, sighed and looked over at Jinx, her hood blocking part of her view but she could see enough of Jinx’s face to know what was coming before Jinx said the words she dreaded to hear.

“It’s time.”

“But Jinxy! They are just children!”

“Sera, sometimes we have to make very hard decisions, but we aren’t children, we haven’t been for a very long time.”

“Speak for yourself!” Replied Kismet as tears welled up in her wide, black eyes and rolled down her smooth, round, grayish-purple cheek and down her small pointy, gray chin. Serendipity wished she could wipe away Kismet’s tears but she let her sister cry as she thought about what they must do and realized with a heavy heart that Jinx was right. One bright thought occurred to Serendipity. They would add in a condition, allowing Alex back in Yarnder Land  once she was grown, like her original destiny. Each of the children would be punished. Alex and Blue would be separated, their memories shattered into pieces they could only dream about but not fully remember, and Aurora would have her own challenge, as well. After Alex’s return to Yarnder Land she would be tested, resting all three of their fates in her hands.

At another moment in time on a bright and sunny day, The Fates materialized in the newborn baby’s room. Cotton candy pink drapes hung on the windows and a shaggy avocado green carpet laid in the middle of the wooden floor that creaked beneath the weight of The Fates as their roots inched them closer and closer to the sleeping baby. 

Serendipity stretched one of her roots out long and used it like an arm and hand as she gently touched the baby’s pink forehead. She used another root to raise her spindle high in the air and it started spinning a golden thread. She closed her eyes as she murmured a few words and lovingly looked at the baby. She opened her eyes and the root coiled back down to become a root once again on the floor. Jinx’s tree branch swung closer to the baby as one of her branch’s limbs stretched out and touched the baby’s forehead as she closed her eyes and murmured under her breath, while she looked disdainfully down at the baby. The baby shocked Jinx when she opened her emerald, green eyes and looked directly back at her, unafraid. It was as if this baby knew she was as special as her mother and as special as her daughters would each be in their own ways. She quickly withdrew her limb from the baby’s forehead and together the three sisters repeated the chant that they had said for over an eternity. 

They spoke the last words of their chant, as sparks burst into fireworks above the awake baby. She looked up with interest, her eyes sparkled as she watched the extraordinary display above her cradle. The tree grew taller and taller, its branches reaching higher, while thunder crashed and a gust of wind blew around them, swirling the sparks from the fireworks around and around. The wind knocked down Serendipity’s hood and her hair flew wildly as all of their eyes grew wide and glowed. The Fates, tall and strong, loomed over the baby. Serendipity spun light and love into the string as Jinx added darkness and hate. Together they spun a tale foretelling the baby’s future and destiny. Serendipity saw all of the good things that would happen to the baby and Jinx saw all of the bad things that would happen to the baby. Kismet saw both. 

Kismet clutched her measuring tape as she watched as she saw a toddler with golden curls, curiously trying to keep up with her older brother as she crawled through tall grass and he skipped ahead. Time jumps forward and the children are now older, walking home from school, the girl’s longer hair falls around her shoulders. She walks with her hands in her overall pockets, and her breath can be seen in the chilly, autumn air, as she is laughing with her brother. Suddenly the girl's laughter turns to shrieks as a large, brown rooster the size of a dog chases her back up the hill. Her brother, his brunette hair hanging in his eyes, watches his rooster chase her and he laughs at her and points but doesn’t help. When his sister, who he secretly adores, starts crying, he runs to her and shoos the rooster away and then he takes her small hand in his slightly larger one and they walk toward a small cottage at the bottom of the hill. The girl, now a teenager, her golden hair now long and flowing to her waist, meets another girl, one with equally long chestnut hair and matching denim bell bottoms. The two quickly become best friends, a friendship that Kismet could feel would last till their dying days and is proven by the golden string connecting them at their wrists. She sees the teenage girls walking down a hallway at school, laughing and smiling and then she sees them sitting on a familiar, shaggy carpeted bedroom floor, window open, sharing a cigarette while listening to the voice of Stevie Nix as the vinyl record spins on the record player in the corner of the room. The cotton candy pink drapes have been replaced with psychedelic velvet and white sheer curtains made by her mother, and an Andy Gibb poster hangs on the wall next to a black velvet cat eye poster. Now the girl is a young woman and she is opening a door to a handsome stranger with sky blue eyes and dark hair, who is asking for her brother. As they look into each other's eyes for the first time, a golden string appears, tied to the woman’s wrist. As it floats in the air around the two, it tugs at her, making her inch closer to the young man, while Kismet can see the other end of the string is tied to the young man’s wrist below the cuff of his white, disco suit jacket. They continue to stare deeper into each other’s eyes and inch closer to one another until the spell is broken by her brother yelling from his bedroom, down the short buttercup yellow hallway. The young woman turns and walks away, her small white and black spotted dog at her feet, calling after her brother and she leaves the man on the doorstep. 

Time skips forward again and Kismet sees a different doorstep, one that was built by the young man. The young woman, who is now wearing a white, lacy and long wedding dress, is being carried over the newly built doorstep by the young man, who is now wearing a dark suit and white tie. Next, the woman is a little older, sitting at a counter in a kitchen, with her twin daughters who are wearing matching pink dresses. She is teaching them to paint with watercolors on canvases big enough to cover the large, tiled countertop. She can easily see her other daughter playing outside with her best friend's daughter through the kitchen window.. Next Kismet sees the young woman, on her birthday, receiving a present of pastels from her husband. She uses them to create beautiful pictures for the children books she writes for her children to read. Kismet sighs when she sees an older gentleman with white hair and a long beard, promising the woman the publication of her children's books, but takes her money and never returns. Then a surprise hurricane destroys part of their home and her art studio with it. Kismet sees her arguing with her husband about the lost money and the repairs, and then Kismet sees a door slam as the woman walks out of the house her husband built for their family. She is seen sleeping on her best friend's couch, sad, depressed and alone. But then she becomes stronger, and is happier, working first as a roller skating mascot cow for a radio station and then getting promoted to DJ.. She meets a man with dark eyes and tan skin, at a work function, and Kismet sees a golden string tying them together, and then they have a daughter with curly hair soon after. Images flash by faster and faster, speeding forward as Kismet observes and absorbs it all. Now the woman is older with gray hair in a bun on her head, rocking in a rocking chair and her grown children by her side. Her young grandsons are on her lap and she is reading her newly published children’s books. One of her daughters sits on a small chair in the corner, crocheting a blanket for one of the new grandsons. Time speeds up again and the room turns white and hazy and then blurry until Kismet can no longer see anything. 

Kismet blinked her wide eyes, and then looked around the room that she had been standing in the whole time. She put away her measuring tape, while Serendipity tied a golden string around the baby’s wrist and Jinx cut the string. The Fates vanished as the baby’s mother walked into the room.

On another day, Jinx took out her scissors and with Kismet protesting, she cut the string. It was cut, it was over. Alex and Blue were no longer tied together by Fate’s invisible thread. Together the three sisters chanted in a whisper while tears rolled down two of their faces.

“Figure this out and you may enter,

a land made of yarn, secrets and twine.

To seek a yarntastic adventure,

a door made of magic and tree combined.

But first, you need to understand,

before you enter and while you knock.

What creature needs help in this land?

The right number and the door will unlock.

It is itsy bitsy and quite hairy,

spinning silk that is stronger than steel.

This creature can be a little scary,

and its home can catch a good meal.

For the door to open sesame,

how many legs do you see?

For you to enter and set her free,

knock the answer on the old tree.

Your golden string will lead the way,

forever searching for its end.

He sees you under the light of day,

but at night, with a touch the strings mend.

Memories flood back in a wave,

bits of lost dreams pieced back together.

About a dashing boy that was so brave,

that he tried to slay the dragon mother.

The next test will be to find the flower,

use it to make the grandest wish.

And with it comes magical power,

turning the spider into the fish.

But to leave this mythical land of gnome,

an enchanted mushroom ring you must find.

Go to the center to travel home,

and while his blue moon does shine.”

Years and years later, on a bright and sunny day, much like the day her mother was born, Alex entered Yarnder Land and two of The Fates smiled.

The end for now…

Until next time, 

bye, and

happy crocheting 

and reading!


Disclaimer: Universal Yarn sent the yarn support for this pattern. There may be affiliate links in this post. This means that if a purchase is made through my link, I will get a small percentage but the price does not change for the customer.