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Aurora Lights: Short Story and Free Crochet Pattern

Hello to you all! Today I have a new and free crochet pattern from the Alex In Yarnder Land Series! And I also have another short story for you all to help explain who this new character is. Meet Aurora Lights! Scroll down for the link to the free pattern on the Clover blog and scroll down to the bottom for Aurora's Introduction Story!

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Aurora paints yarn in the river by day and on special nights she swims from her colorful water and up into the sky, swimming through the air and clouds to paint what we know as the Northern Lights.

She is a water and air nymph and her job is to paint yarn that can be used by the various gnomes, elves and other creatures in the community of Yarnder Land.

But she also gets to swim into the air on special nights, to paint beautiful swirls of color in the sky while her brother Blue, the man in the moon shines down on Yarnder Land.

Aurora Lights is the third character pattern release from the Alex In Yarnder Land Series

Find out more about the first character Alex, HERE and get her free pattern HERE.

Find out more about the second character, Blue, and read his introduction story HERE and get his free pattern HERE


Aurora is made with Universal Yarn Uptown Worsted, which is a medium weight yarn made from 100% anti pilling acrylic that offers a wide range of colors. This yarn is very soft but perfect for the amigurumi designs that I have been creating for my Alex In Yarnder Land Series. 

The Colors

Top 3 from left to right: sapphire, turquoise and ink blue.

Middle 3 from left to right: purple iris, cranberry and olive. 

Bottom 3 from left to right: glow white, black and cream.

Disclaimer: Universal Yarn sent the yarn support for this pattern. There may be affiliate links in this post. This means that if a purchase is made through my link, I will get a small percentage but the price does not change for the customer.


Alex appeared, her hair flying wildly behind her, with a bright smile and glow to her cheeks that made her seem like the most beautiful creature he had ever witnessed. Starstruck, Blue stood enchanted and paralyzed, his feet unable to move, as he watched Alex disappear into the middle of the mushroom ring behind the mysterious cat and wandered if he would ever see her again. The moon shone brighter and Blue also disappeared. 


Story two

Aurora yawned as she hung from her tree branch by the ghostly white thread that she had spun earlier. She sighed, looked up and witnessed the moment Blue saw Alex enter Yarnder Land. The look of recognition on her brother’s  face made her turn to look in the direction he was entranced with and that’s when Aurora saw Alex through her thick, black eye lashes. She watched as a young woman stepped through the Old RedBud Door as she was pulled in gently by a golden string that was tied to her wrist. Just as she stepped her gray boots onto the jade colored moss that lined the forest floor, the elegantly decorated door with ancient carvings, closed behind the mysterious woman and the golden string faded and disappeared. Aurora blinked and shook her head, thinking the sight was odd, and she looked back at her brother Blue, the man in the moon. His normally luminescent cheeks had turned a rosy red and his cobalt eyes were wide. Aurora  thought the look on his face was shock and then adoration but she wasn’t sure. Convinced the woman would have no impact on her sad existence, she turned slowly away, and she crawled back to her usual spot, with all of her legs curled up around her protectively and she fell back asleep.

Aurora dreamt of large emerald colored eyes piercing into her own sky blue eyes. She felt the thrill go down her spine as those enchanting eyes searched hers, as if they were searching for her very soul. His fingers ran through her long, crimson hair with ivy winding through the long, thick locks. The ivy wrapped and curled around his fists as if by their own accord while he pulled her into him. She could feel Sillie’s body press up against hers and she wanted him to never let her go. He pulled her pale, smooth face to his and he kissed her hard as their lips and bodies melted into each other. She sank into him and wrapped her arms around his broad back. Her hands traveled slowly up his warm skin and then up his neck and finally she cradled the back of his head, his long, silver hair gently tickling her palms as she continued to run her hand along the side of his face and then his jawline. She tilted her small, delicate chin up and looked into his eyes as she giggled. Aurora stepped back and then pushed Sillie into the water. He fell onto his butt splashing water in the shallow part of the river, while a sudden gust of wind flipped his kilt over his head! Stunned but amused, Aurora turned and ran along the shore line, with her hair bouncing as it whipped behind her playfully. He called after her, “You really are a witch!” He laughed and splashed more water as he jumped up and ran after her. She ran, with the petals of her teal dress swishing back and forth as she darted around trees. Aurora looked behind her, and inhaled sharply because Sillie was so close, smiling as he chased her. She started to run around a tree and looked back again to see that he had disappeared but when she turned back around there he was, standing in front of her! Aurora slid to a stop, yelped and then laughed, her dimpled cheeks glowing with heat and happiness. She quickly realized the man chasing her was only an illusion and the real man, a sprite elf, had been waiting behind the tree. Another trick she thought. “Sillie!” she exclaimed. He grinned and held his empty hands out in front of her and then waved one hand over the other and as he did, a golden dandelion appeared. She reached for it thinking that it would disappear too but it didn’t and as she held it he looked into her eyes and said,“Make a wish Aurora.”

Her smile faded as she woke up. She laid there, curled in a ball, as she thought about how Sillie had shown up everyday for months, and how they had talked and laughed together as they sat on the rocks next to the river, or while they walked through the forest, hand in hand. He had made her feel special and important.  Tears of longing and then regret welled up in her eyes and rolled down her furry cheeks as she eventually fell back asleep, unaware that her life would soon change, again.

A short time later, on a hot summer day, Aurora sat on the rocks next to her river, happily painting yarn. She enjoyed the sun rays as they warmed her back as she dipped her fingers in the cool liquid surrounding her, swirling her fingers through the flowing water as she imagined colors that she had seen that day. The colors poured out, as if from her fingertips. Aquamarines from a fish she had seen swimming through the water, lavender and blues from the poppies growing along the shoreline, amethysts and purples from the blackberries she had for lunch and teals and emeralds from the leaves in the trees around her. She mixed these colors, swirling them until she was satisfied and then she dropped the yarn in the magical water and it dyed every strand of each skein of yarn. She then placed each unique skein of yarn on a rack made of fallen tree limbs, on the rocks next to her. 

Afterwards she took a dip in the water, cooling off as the sunset behind the trees and her father Nyx made the night fall enveloping the sky in the darkest blues imaginable while stars peeked out as if from behind a stage curtain that had just fallen after a play about star crossed lovers by William Shakespeare. The moon also shone brightly and Aurora could see her brother in his place on the moon watching over them as his light shone down on the forest of Yarnder Land. She swam through the colorful water as the sky turned darker, blues turning to ebonies and the stars started to shine brighter. Aurora swam down, deep into the water, her hair floating wildly around her face as she looked at the colors swirling around her. She started to swim up, and up and up until she swam out of the water and continued to swim into the air just as easily as she had swam in the water. She painted the sky as she swam with the same colors she had used to dye yarn earlier. After painting the sky with lights, she swam back down to her river and floated on her back as she gazed up at the dark sky which looked almost like an identical reflection of the water she swam in now. She continued to float lazily under the moonlight and her masterpiece as she heard a splash in the water and turned to see her best friend and hero, Alex.

Together, the two floated on their backs with their heads touching as they talked about their day. Alex quietly asked Aurora, “Do you think Blue ever thinks of me?” Smiling, she replied, “Definitely. I can’t read his mind but I can read his face and see the way he looks at you.” Aurora bit her lip and tried to hold back but instead blurted, “I also think that he is in denial about you but I think he will admit it to himself, eventually, and then maybe to you too.” Just as she finished those words,, the moon grew dim and they both heard a splash as Blue swam towards them. 

The end for now...

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Disclaimer: Universal Yarn sent the yarn support for this pattern. There may be affiliate links in this post. This means that if a purchase is made through my link, I will get a small percentage but the price does not change for the customer.