Friday, June 23, 2023

Blue's Story: Alex In Yarnder Land Series

Hello to you all! I'm so excited to share the second character from my Alex In Yarnder Land Series! Today I'm introducing Blue to you all. Scroll down to read how Blue met Alex from his point of view AND for the link to the free crochet pattern!

What is Alex In Yarnder Land

“Alex uses her hook to,
crochet, crochet something new.
Her designs are so so fine,
must be made with magic twine!
Solving mysteries, stopping crime,
and sometimes going back in time.
Her story isn’t just crochet,
she meets gnomes along the way.
Elves, fairies and ghosts too,
she even meets a boy named Blue.”

For more information about the Alex In Yarnder Land Series, check out my blog post, here.

Blue: The Man In The Moon

Blue's job is to watch over Yarnder Land and help the lost find their way home but one day his life is changed forever by a girl named Alex.

Blue wears gray pants, a pale blue, button up collar shirt with darker blue suspenders and matching shoes. He also has on pale blue socks and matching underwear so he never gets cold!

His cute red, short and spiky hair is crocheted onto a circle and then glued on with fabric glue. This method has no sewing and no attaching hundreds of strands of hair!

Blue's eye detail, eyebrows, nose and mouth are quick additions but they add emotion to his face.

And the rosiness on his cheeks is the last, perfect touch!

the Stitch Used

For my new amigurumi designs, I am using a special single crochet with a yarn under. This technique makes the top of the stitches smaller, creating closer stitches with less gaps and spaces between. I love the look of this single crochet for amigurumi! Check out my video tutorial for more information and how to make this awesome single crochet!

The Yarn Used

Universal Yarn Uptown Worsted: 3.5 oz | 100 g | 180 yds | 165 m | Medium Weight | 100 % anti-pilling acrylic

Colors Used: 

Glow White: 1 skein

Black: 1 skein

Beet: 1 skein

Pale Blue: 1 skein

Little Boy Blue: 1 skein

Donahue: 1 skein

Dijon: very little of 1 skein

The Hook Used

For this design, I used my Clover Amour crochet hook in size G 4.00 mm. I love the squishy handle and how lightweight this hook is. It's perfect for amigurumi!

The FREE Crochet Pattern

The free crochet pattern for Blue, is on the Clover Blog. You can find the free pattern here! And PDFs will be available for purchase starting in July!

More characters are coming soon!

The next character crochet pattern release and short story will be July 28, 2023!

Blue's story

Story One

Once upon a time, Blue saw her enter Yarnder Land. She stepped shyly into the sunlight and onto the moss covered ground, surrounded by a forest of trees. The girl had long, dark blonde wavy hair that floated gently around her porcelain face. Even from where he sat, from high above, he could see that the blues in her eyes were as vivid as the hues in Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, and her smile shined just as much as those stars and the stars in the very sky that Blue's moon hung in. He watched her, unable to look away, mesmerized. Something about how she walked, with a lightness and bounce, how she looked around at everything in awe and wonder. She seemed familiar and a sense of de ja vu struck him first and then shock as he realized that she looked like her, the girl from his childhood dreams. He had long convinced himself that she wasn’t real and only a made up fantasy of a young, lonely boy, but her face was etched into his mind and he remembered... everything. He immediately felt a connection, the connection he remembered, like an invisible string tighten, pulling him to her. He scratched his wrist as he tried to push away that sense of longing, that feeling that compelled him to go to her and he looked away.

Later, as darkness surrounded everything, and the moon shone down dimly on Yarnder Land, Blue quickly walked through the forest, looking around him as he dashed around trees, searching desperately for her. Suddenly a black cat darted in front of him and he skidded to a stop. The cat was almost as black as the night that surrounded them both and he had almost collided into the curious animal. Just as suddenly as the cat had appeared, Alex appeared, her hair flying wildly behind her, with a bright smile and glow to her cheeks that made her seem like the most beautiful creature he had ever witnessed. Starstruck, Blue stood enchanted and paralyzed, his feet unable to move, as he watched Alex disappear into the middle of the mushroom ring behind the mysterious cat and wandered if he would ever see her again. The moon shone brighter and Blue also disappeared. 

The moon shone like a spotlight on Yarnder Land as Blue looked down and watched as the creatures of the night stirred and he thought about earlier that night. He had carried her in his arms, up the rock staircase over the waterfall as it sprayed and flowed around them, between the rocks as he confidently hopped from one stone to the next. She looked up at him vulnerably and clung to him as he shuddered now like he had shuddered then. Flustered, his cheeks had turned red as he placed her on the ground, a little too fast and her feet kicked water into the air, but he couldn't let her go, not yet. Colorful drops of rain hung in the air and then swirled around them as he quickly tightened his embrace around her waist. He felt the air escape her lungs as she ran her hand through his short spiky red hair and he also breathed out a sigh, but his was a tortured sigh. Alex's eyes sparkled as they reflected Blue's moonlight and he leaned closer to Alex as he started to touch her face, but stopped short and stepped back surprised. His breath caught while his heart beat uncontrollably and he felt like he couldn't keep his balance. She had made him feel again, but he wasn't sure if he was ready.

Alex knocked Blue off of his axis and this feeling made him afraid to his core. He knew he would give up his whole world for her, and that terrified him. He had responsibilities, responsibilities that he had vowed to uphold. Looking down on Yarnder Land and helping lost animals and creatures find their way home, by either teleporting down to Yarnder Land to help physically or by guiding them with the moonlight that he shined down upon their paths. Blue could visualize himself floating free, in space and that only Alex could tether him to the ground, to this world or to any other world. He needed more than gravity to keep him on Yarnder Land, after all he is the man in the moon.

The end for now!

Until next time, 

bye, and

happy crocheting!


Disclaimer: Universal Yarn sent the yarn support for this pattern. There may be affiliate links in this post. This means that if a purchase is made through my link, I will get a small percentage but the price does not change for the customer.