Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Rumpelstilskein Dragon Crochet Pattern And Short Story

Hello to you all! Happy Halloween! To celebrate, I have a new crochet pattern and spooky short story! Introducing Rumpelstilskein, the mischievous dragon and villain from the Alex In Yarnder Land character pattern and short story series. Scroll down for his introduction short story and for the link to the free amigurumi pattern!

Rumpelstilskein is the 6th character pattern and short story release for the Alex In Yarnder Land Series.

Keep your doors locked and beware of him at night, because he likes to sneak into homes and steal yarn, stitch markers, crochet hooks and more. Nothing is safe when Rumpelstilskein is around! He is also obsessed with anything gold, but especially fate’s golden strings! He will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Part ghost, part shadow and part nightmare, he has haunted Alex’s dreams since she was a child. Read more about the Alex In Yarnder Land Series and find the crochet pattern links for the characters, here.

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Rumpelstilskein is made with Universal Yarn Uptown Worsted, which is a medium weight yarn made from 100% anti pilling acrylic that offers a wide range of colors. This yarn is very soft but perfect for the amigurumi designs that I have been creating for my Alex In Yarnder Land Series.

The Colors

Top 3 from left to right: dijon, eggplant and latte.

Bottom 3 from left to right: white glow, ink blue and black. 

Disclaimer: Universal Yarn sent the yarn support for this pattern. There may be affiliate links in this post. This means that if a purchase is made through my link, I will get a small percentage but the price does not change for the customer.

Rumpelstilskein's Intro Story


skein: a loosely coiled length of yarn or thread wound on a reel.

One Halloween night, Rumpelstilskein sneered as he watched Alex balance at the top of the silver, sparkling ladder. She hung empty soda cans from yarn above the swinging door that led from the kitchen to the living room. He laughed at her worthless alarm system while he hid in the shadows, the dark surrounding him. Part ghost, part shadow and part nightmare, Rumpelstilskein was only an astral projection and therefore couldn’t set off the trap. As Alex hung the last soda can above the door, it swung open hitting the conjured ladder, causing it to vanish in a puff of gray smoke and magic. Alex landed on her butt laughing as Blue walked into the kitchen to see her on the floor while her cat ears dangled from a soda can. He apologized as he bent down and reached out his hand to Alex. As their hands met, a golden string circled around the couple and Alex was magically lifted off of the ground and placed back on her feet in front of Blue, her eyes sparkling as she smiled up at the tall man with red hair. 

“Maybe you should just stick to teleportation.” Alex teased as she touched his shoulder. Blue plucked her cat ears out of the air and placed them back on her head, smiling sheepishly. Her eyes widened as he put his arms around her, pulling her close and then they vanished in a twinkling cloud of golden stars. They reappeared in the living room, scaring Ziggy into a panic and he tore at the floor with his claws and then darted into the kitchen, swinging the door open as he ran through it. They didn’t notice the shadow that floated in before the door swung shut. Laughing, the two looked at each other and then Alex noticed the picnic that Blue had set up. A fire burnt in the fireplace and a picnic of pizza, breadsticks, hummus, strawberries and wine were laid out on the furry rug in front of Alex’s pink couch. A stack of Halloween movies sat next to the picnic and the blue television screen waited for them to make their choice. Rumpelstilskein cringed as he watched Alex’s smile widen and he hated that she looked so happy. Growing bored and angry, he skulked over to her craft desk and swiped one of her wooden crochet hooks. Snickering, he floated back to the shadow in the corner as he plotted his revenge. 

Alex and Blue looked at each other again and then Alex looked quickly away and asked, “Did you pick a movie?” while she cleared her throat.

“I haven’t seen the one with werewolves.” he said.

Alex put the movie in and they settled down on the floor to eat and watch the horror flick but Alex felt unsettled, as if something watched her. The main character in the movie suddenly started howling as he turned into a werewolf under a dazzling, full moon. Alex nervously looked over her shoulder and almost shrieked when she felt a hot breath on her neck and heard a faint whisper behind her. She snuggled closer to Blue and looked up into his alluring eyes as he looked down at her intensely. Howling and screaming continued on the television in the background as Blue opened his mouth as if to say something when a knock on the door made them both jump. Hearing children yell “trick or treat” made them both burst out laughing as Alex went to the door to give the goblins, princesses and superheroes their candy. She closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief as she settled back on the couch with Blue. The two cuddled with Ziggy at Alex’s feet and they soon fell asleep, content in each other’s arms.

“Finally.” Thought Rumpelstilskein and he waited for Alex to start dreaming.

Rumpelstilskein looked around Alex’s dream, knowing that it would soon be a nightmare. She was a young girl, sitting with her sister on a bed in a pink room, while her stepmother handed her a book to read to the younger child. Alex opened the book, and he could hear it calling his name. It whispered while she read the fairy tale about an evil and mischievous monster that was obsessed with fate’s golden strings. The room grew dark as Alex read and the younger child fell asleep to the words that would summon the monster that would haunt Alex’s dreams. Suddenly her stepmother stood over Alex, her shadow growing long. Now afraid, she dropped the thick, old book and ran out of the cheerful bedroom and directly into a dark forest. He could see her through the thick, tall trees, now smiling, looking up at the moon as she stood in the darkness, illuminated like a stage light by the moon’s brilliant glow. A shadow slid over the moon, creating an eclipse and Alex’s expression changed from happiness to sadness. The sky swiftly changed, turning from black to light blue, the moon and stars now gone, replaced by a scorching sun. He continued to watch her, in his disguise, as she started walking and then running through the forest. He chased her through the redbuds and the oaks and the pine trees, through the evergreens and the willows. He laughed as he saw her look over her shoulder, fear now in her lovely eyes. They sprinted through the forest until the sky suddenly changed again, as another eclipse blocked the sun, changing the day back to night. The moon shone brighter and brighter, almost bursting, until the monster squeezed its large golden, evil eyes shut. When it opened them again, the monster was surprised to find a red haired boy standing in front of Alex. The boy took her hand in his as the monster inched closer and closer, growing larger by the second. Alex and Blue’s golden string connected them and swirled around them, sparkling and taunting the monster with its magnificent and golden radiance. The monster loomed over the children, and Alex gasped as her stepmother turned into an enormous dragon with long claws and an evil grin. Alex screamed and Blue squeezed Alex’s hand making the two vanish into thin air leaving only a cloud of stardust behind. Disappointed, the dragon roared in fury and reemerged in Alex’s living room.

Alex and Blue woke to the sound of rapid knocking on the front door. Alex grabbed the Halloween candy as she went to the door but when she opened it, no one was there. Just as she closed the door, a loud crash in the kitchen made Blue disappear, teleporting to the sound. The spinning wheel started spinning and then the lights went out in the living room as Alex spun around to face the ghost of the dragon. She screamed and then yelled, “Augere!” making the flames in the fire grow larger for a moment before extinguishing. Disappointed and scared, Alex backed away from Rumpelstilskein as the door flew open and wind blew the curtains and Alex’s hair around violently.

“Fire? That’s my talent!” laughed the dragon as he whispered menacingly into Alex’s ear. She quickly turned around again, only to face an empty wall. The dragon rose up behind Alex and opened his mouth, ready to breathe fire. Blue appeared between Rumpelstilskein and Alex as he grabbed her around the waist and the two vanished again, this time to reappear in the kitchen. Alex’s heart beat wildly and she wondered if it was from fright or if it was because of how protectively and close Blue held her.

“I’m getting tired of that. I will be back.” Rumpelstilskein’s angry whisper echoed through Alex’s house.

The end for now….


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Disclaimer: Universal Yarn sent the yarn support for this pattern. There may be affiliate links in this post. This means that if a purchase is made through my link, I will get a small percentage but the price does not change for the customer.