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Sillie Sprite Elf Crochet Pattern And Short Story

Hello to you all! I hope you are all having a wonderful autumn season so far. Today I have a NEW character pattern and short story to share from my Alex In Yarnder Land Series! Introducing Sillie the Sprite Elf! He's a kilt wearing trickster that wants revenge. Scroll down for the pattern link and his introduction short story.

Sillie the Sprite Elf is the 7th character pattern release from the Alex In Yarnder Land Series. Learn more about the Alex In Yarnder Land Series and find the character patterns links, HERE, on the With Alex Blog.

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Sillie The Sprite Elf

Sillie the Sprite Elf wears a kilt to show his pride for his ancestors but in reality, his friends and family deserted him long ago, leaving him an orphan. Outsiders see a beautiful castle that is filled with other elves and Sillie’s sisters but these are only illusions, like his crown. His favorite illusion is lightning and one day he will use it to get his revenge.

The Yarn

I love using Universal Yarn Uptown Worsted for my Alex In Yarnder Land Designs. The colors are perfect and I had so much fun using these beautiful colors for Sillie the Sprite Elf!


Top: Beet, Silver Gray, Race Car Red
Middle: White, Dijon, Black
Bottom: Iron, Cream, Hunter Green

Disclaimer: Universal Yarn sent the yarn support for this pattern. There may be affiliate links in this post. This means that if a purchase is made through my link, I will get a small percentage but the price does not change for the customer.

The Hooks

I used my Clover Amour Crochet Hook in size G 4.00 mm for Sillie the Sprite Elf, except for his kilt. For the kilt I used my Clover Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook in Size H 5.0 mm.

Special Stitches

Tunisian Crochet is used to make Sillie's kilt. Learn how to Tunisian Crochet, HERE, on my youtube channel!

The Yarn Under Single Crochet is also used to create Sillie. Learn how to make the Yarn Under Single Crochet, HERE, on my youtube channel!

Sillie's Introduction Story


Lightning flashed brightly around the majestic castle on the hill, as it overlooked the Gnome Village of Yarnder Land. The enormous stone towers were illuminated by each bolt of chilling lightning, but no thunder echoed in the distance. Sillie sat on his exquisitely carved golden throne, smiling devilishly as he watched Blue grovel at his feet. The crowd cheered Sillie’s name and looked fondly at their king, the beautiful and handsome Sprite Elf, while he pushed back a long, silver braid and tucked it behind one of his large, pointy ears. He looked down at the man in disgust as lightning lit up the man’s beet red hair, turning it a lighter shade of red, a red that reminded him of someone special that he had intentionally hurt. He pushed back the memory and lightning flashed brighter and closer to the castle as Sillie’s anger rose and he contemplated how he would destroy the man in the moon. His emerald eyes squinted as he raised his hand, as if to wave goodbye but instead, a lightning bolt sliced through the air and then through Blue, making him disappear in a swirl of green mist. 

Sillie dozed on his throne, snoring as he slept. Suddenly, the quiet night was disturbed by a woman sobbing and Sillie was startled awake. He walked to the window, listening as the woman continued to cry and then he saw Alex standing on the cliffside, a cliff so high up that it almost touched the moon.

“This is my chance,” thought Sillie and he ran as fast as he could past his friends and family, but as he neared the front entrance to his castle, a woman with long white, pink and purple hair, stepped out of the shadows and he skidded to a stop, sliding on the polished marble floor. The woman looked at him with melancholy eyes and shook her head slowly.

“Go away Halley! Like you and our sisters already did!” he yelled as his face became red and sweat rolled down his forehead. She didn’t move out of his way, but continued to shake her head sadly at her brother. Sillie became even angrier and ran at his sister and then through the illusion as she disappeared in a cloud of green mist, just like Blue had earlier.

He raced through the forest, gracefully dodging trees and tree limbs, careful not to tangle his massive antlers in the long and twisting branches as he continued to follow Alex’s sobs. As he approached the cliff, he pulled out an illusion of a shadow and hid in it as he made his way up the cliffside, like a monster hiding in a veil of gloom.

“Where are you?” Alex screamed at the silent, dim moon and a strong gust of wind ripped at her pink dress. “Why won’t you answer me?” she pleaded.

Sillie felt a stab in his chest as he recognized her sadness and he remembered another time when he also hid in the shadows and watched a different stunning and fascinating woman cry from heartbreak. Her tears had mixed into the different colors of the water as the river flowed around her and she swirled them into different patterns while she dyed her yarn.

Sillie frowned, shrugging the memory away and looked back at Alex as Blue suddenly appeared out of the darkness and walked toward the somber woman. He circled her again and again and Sillie laughed as he watched Blue taunt Alex until he stopped and abruptly turned towards her, blocking her path back down the cliff. He stood in front of Alex, smiling and his blue eyes sparkled with bursts of lightning bolts. He reached toward Alex’s face and her smile suddenly vanished as she saw his wrist and quickly looked down at her own.

“What happened?” asked Alex as she took a step back from Blue, confusion in her eyes. He did not say a word but continued to walk toward her, inching her closer to the edge of the cliff. Her foot slipped and suddenly the moon lit up, bright and bold but then dimmed again and Blue stood next to her. He waved his hand through his doppleganger, making the illusion disappear in a cloud of green smoke.

Their golden thread started at their wrists and circled around the two as they stared at each other. Blue started to back up and let go of Alex but their string pulled them closer and lightning flashed chaotically around them.

“Where have you been?” asked Alex as she looked up at Blue.

“Trying to stay away from you.” Blue quietly answered as he looked up at the dark moon.

“But, why?” she questioned him.

“Because I don’t want you to get hurt. And I don’t want to hurt you. We live in two different worlds.” he said as he blinked and looked down at his feet.

“Do you think your silence doesn’t hurt?” Blue looked sadly back at Alex but remained quiet. “I made my choice the day I stepped back into Yarnder Land and then again the day I saved your sister, my best friend. This is my fight too.” Sillie continued to watch the pair from the dark and winced at Alex's words. Alex reached up and touched Blue’s cheek, “I don’t want anyone but you, Blue.”

Their heads tilted toward each other and Sillie cringed as he thought Blue would kiss Alex. Instead Blue vanished and the moon shone bright again shining a spot light leading the way down the cliffside as if to say, “Go home.”

Sillie could see the devastation in Alex’s eyes and he beamed with happiness and he laughed until he lost his balance, falling down onto the forest floor and into another memory. 

Aurora stood in the river, her long hair trailing the water as she dyed skein after skein of yarn. Sillie stood next to her, handing her the white skeins of yarn and then receiving back the colorful skeins she had dyed, each one unique. They stood close as they worked in sync and at times their cheeks were only inches away from each other. During those moments he wondered what it would be like if they turned their heads towards each other and he kissed her, tasting her wine colored mouth as he flicked his tongue lightly, caressing her lips with his own, finally discovering their flavor. Instead, he conjured an illusion of a rainbow trout jumping out of the water at her, causing her to drop a skein of yarn, splashing dye all over them both.

“Don’t forget what happened the last time you messed with me Sillie. You wound up with your kilt over your head.” Aurora winked, shoved him gently while she giggled and then continued dying yarn.

Sillie let the memory fade while he thought about what he had witnessed. He knew why Blue didn’t kiss Alex. If he had kissed her, he would never be able to let her go and if he did, it would be torture. Sillie knew this because he had kissed Aurora and her lips did taste like sweet, fruity wine.

He walked back to his castle and sat on the floor next to his throne. Sillie allowed himself to think about Aurora and how he longed to go to her and run his hands through her hair, letting the vines twist magically around his wrists as she looked into his green eyes with her lovely, blue eyes. The eyes that stole his heart. He wanted to declare his love to her and apologize to her and beg her for her forgiveness. Stones began to fall, walls crashed and his castle crumbled around him and as each piece fell it disappeared before it hit the ground. One by one, his frozen friends, ghosts from the past, disappeared leaving trails of green in their absence. His golden crown glimmered and faded before reappearing, its luminescence growing brighter as his eyes narrowed and a new plan of revenge formed in his wicked mind. Stones continued to fall around him as Silly laughed cruelly and a tear fell down his angelic face.

The end for now….

Pattern Link

Sillie the Sprite Elf crochet pattern is available on the Clover Blog for free!

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<3AlexDisclaimer: Universal Yarn sent the yarn support for this pattern. There may be affiliate links in this post. This means that if a purchase is made through my link, I will get a small percentage but the price does not change for the customer.