Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How To Add Beads With A Crochet Hook

Hello! Recently, I've been playing around with adding beads to my crochet projects. Have you ever wondered how to add beads to your crochet? I have and I think this is the easiest way to add beads to any crochet project. No worrying about stringing enough beads before hand and no worrying about losing sharp tiny needles in your bed or work area! Scroll down for the video tutorial.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Measuring Tape Cover Free Patterns!

Hello! Today I have 3 new FREE crochet patterns for ya'll! I was watching Sheepishly Sharing's new video on youtube when I saw the cutest little sheep measuring tape cover that someone had sent to her as a gift. I thought it was absolutely adorable and was inspired to make my own, and I made a couple more too! Scroll down for the free patterns.

Frog Measuring Tape Cover Free Pattern!

Hello! This is Buggy The Frog! He is a cute little guy with huge bug eyes. He has a big, happy grin and his measuring tape "tongue" can catch flies all day long. He is a quick and fun little project that uses very little yarn. I think Buggy is a great addition to any crocheters or knitters yarn bag. Scroll down for the free pattern.

Sheep Measuring Tape Cover Free Pattern!

Hello! This is Googly The Sheep! She is named after her big beautiful googly eyes. She is shaped like a cloud with the measuring tape as her "tail". She also has a little bit of white hair on her little head and she is adorable! She is also quick to make and doesn't take much yarn. I think Googly is perfect as a measuring tape cover, I love her! Scroll on down for the free pattern.

Puppy Measuring Tape Cover Free Pattern!

Hello! This is Z The Puppy! He is such a sleepy puppy and needs his Zzzzzzz. I love his big nose and ears. He is a cute little puppy and the measuring tape is his "tongue". I think Z is a cute little measuring tape cover and he is quick and uses very little yarn. Scroll down for the free pattern.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How To tss3tog In Tunisian Crochet

Hello! Have you ever been crocheting along to a pattern and get stuck because you didn't know how to tss3tog? Well, I have a video tutorial for you! Scroll down for the video tutorial!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

13 Free Crochet Patterns For Father's Day!

Hello! Father's Day is coming up so I thought I would be helpful and create a crochet roundup of perfect gift ideas for Father's Day. The patterns included are wonderful and they are all FREE patterns. I think any dad would love any of the gifts on this list. Scroll down and see all the great gift ideas for Father's Day!

Monday, June 5, 2017

My Sister Dyed My Hair Pink For My Birthday!

Hello! My birthday is coming up on Thursday and I wanted to do something fun with my hair. I've only dyed it red before so, I wanted to dye my hair with some pink for my birthday! Scroll down for the video!

How To m1tb In Tunisian Crochet

Hello! The other day, after I uploaded my newest video on how to crochet into the FLO, I got a comment from one of my sweet and long time followers to make a video on how to m1tb in Tunisian crochet. I was tickled that she asked me and I got started right away! I love Tunisian crochet. It makes some very beautiful and textured fabric that looks very similar to knitted fabric. Here is my video tutorial on how to m1tb in Tunisian crochet. Hope ya'll love it and it's helpful! I also have several more videos on Tunisian crochet. Click here for a list of Tunisian crochet tutorials by me. Scroll down for the video tutorial on how to m1tb.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

How To Crochet Into The FLO Or Front Loop Only

Hello! Have you ever started a crochet pattern and saw that it said to crochet into the FLO? Well, it's easy and I made a video tutorial! Scroll down for the video tutorial!