Monday, June 5, 2017

My Sister Dyed My Hair Pink For My Birthday!

Hello! My birthday is coming up on Thursday and I wanted to do something fun with my hair. I've only dyed it red before so, I wanted to dye my hair with some pink for my birthday! Scroll down for the video!

My hair has turned a dark blonde since I don't get out in the sun a lot anymore because of the Lupus. It has some reddish tints to it too, so I had no expectations of what the hair color would do to my hair. Melissa used a temporary hair color so it should wash out in the next couple of weeks but it will be pink for my birthday! I think it turned out really pretty and I'm kind of in love with it! It's a really dark pink that fades into my natural hair color and I'm so happy with it! I love it so much that I kind of wish it was permanent! What do ya'll think? Should I dye it again soon?

I hope ya'll like this little video we made! It's not a tutorial, just a fun video of Melissa dying my hair, enjoy!

I hope ya'll are having a wonderful day. Soft hugs and Never Give Up! <3Alex