Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Fun Time At The Fair!

I love going to the fair, especially the fall fair. The breeze feels nice on my skin and there is just something in the air that feels like fall. I love it. Saturday was a really pleasant North Carolina day.
The temperature was in the 70s and it was partly sunny, exactly the weather that I love. After the sun went down it did get chilly, but it wasn’t until we rode our last ride that I got cold.

Isaac and I rode some kind of spinning ride as our first ride. So much fun! (Sorry for the blurry pic but I kinda like it because we are in midspin.)

Almost as soon as we got off the ride we ran into my sister’s in-laws with my nephews! Yay! It worked out really great because Isaac got to ride the smaller rides and do the obstacle course with Zia, and I was able to ride rides with Tom that he wouldn’t have gotten to ride because he is so tiny. (On most of the rides there was a minimum height requirement and a maximum height requirement. If the child is shorter than the minimum, some rides allow them to ride with an adult.)

Woo hoo! Ready to ride and have some fun!

They had a lot of fun riding the kiddy rides! 

The train was so cute!

The dragon roller coaster didn't seem like such a kiddy ride! Wow!

I also got to ride a lot of rides with the kids! So much fun!

The Ferris Wheel is my favorite! It was both Isaac's and Zia's first time, they loved it!

I have always loved the Ferris Wheel even though I'm not a huge fan of heights.

The view is always amazing! The fair looks so beautiful!

Here's a short video of us riding rides and me going down the slide with Tom. 

I’m so happy I made it to the fall fair this year! I had a low pain day and I really had a blast! I’ve been sore and almost too exhausted to move since then but it was so worth it! I can't wait till next year!

Soft hugs <3