Friday, October 3, 2014

One Year Anniversary And Giveaway!!!

Wow! One whole year on facebook! Thank ya’ll so much, from the very bottom of my heart, for following my page for a whole year, for lifting me up on bad pain days and through hard times, liking my crochet, and inspiring me always!
This page has given me so much and I love each and every one of you! I can’t believe there are over 1200 of you! Ya’ll rock! I also have almost 300 Instagramfollowers, thank ya'll so much too! Ya'll rock too! Soft hugs to you all! <3

To say thank you I’m giving away either a Fibro Voodoo Doll or a Betty the Butterfly! Click here to enter or you can click on the link at the bottom.

Rules to enter: 

Open to the US only unless you are willing to pay shipping by paypal. Must pay within 48 hours of the winning announcement or forfeit the prize and the prize will go to the next winner. Shipping cost will be determined after the winner's location is known. Thank you and good luck!

I thought since not all of ya’ll have been here since the beginning that I would share some highlights of the last year on Crocheting Thru Chronic Diseases With Alex on Facebook! I know I’m probably going to forget some things but here’s what my fibrofog brain will let me remember to include:

Madalyn loves making blankets for other sick children. She is such a sweet little girl and inspiration that I wanted to crochet her an owl hat. She looks adorable in it! I love this picture! Visit her at Madalyn's Gifts on Facebook.

Happy Halloween!!!

Sending out the prize for my 1st contest!

Working on Christmas presents!

I won Emma12sings contest on Youtube!!!! She is now the official juvenile spokesperson for the National Fibromyalgia Association

She is such an inspiration and so sweet!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Sarah from Sarah's Shout: Fighting and Raising Awareness for EDS and More is also a big inspiration to me and one of the reasons why I started my page. I crocheted her a zebra hat and scarf and sent it to her. She has made me so happy because she wears it a lot and she even wore it in her awesome remake of "Let it Go" the autism version. Check it out here.

Happy Valentines Day!

I have been following Austin's page on Facebook for awhile now and I love seeing his smile. When he asked for hearts to decorate his valentine tree I decided to crochet him 2, one from me and one from Isaac that Isaac painted.

I started following Katy from Purple Awareness Matters on facebook and when she mentioned she crochets too I decided to message her. We have became really great friends and I crocheted her this cute little bear. This bear is how I fell in love with amigurumi.

"I Love You As Much As Candy" Mini Yarnbomb in Memory of Bryn

How to crochet The Mellow Mushroom

The Craft Club hosted a wonderful yarnbomb for the Little Havens Children's Hospice. I sent in 10 items including my little pixie fairy. Together we broke the world record for the most crocheted sculptures!!!

I won yarn from Celestial Strings!!!

 featured my story and instagram on Crochet Instagrammed!!!

Soft hugs <3