Monday, September 29, 2014

To My Best Friend's House We Go!

In 2nd grade I met a little girl that would become my best friend and would still be my best friend 24 year later! I I am very lucky because in 4th grade Naomi moved away.

We had really great dads that knew how much we meant to each other so they would drive us to each other’s houses and we would have the best sleepovers. We wrote letters by mail some and as we grew up our sleepovers became fewer but we managed to still have them every few years or so and we always kept in touch. Now we talk a lot on facebook and I get to see her post pictures of her and her family.  

Last year I took my son to meet Naomi for the first time and we met her wonderful family. This year we also made the trip and we had a wonderful reunion. 

Here we are getting ready to hop in the car and go! We are so excited!

This is the butterfly that tried to catch a ride with us. (He flew off at the next light.)

Hooking on the way. I love crocheting in the car.

In one afternoon we had a birthday party with Lisa Frank plates (Lisa Frank was really popular when we were in elementary school, so neat!) pizza, and a cute cookie cake, the kids danced with lasers, disco lights, and smoke (oh my!) bubbles and water balloons in the backyard, air hockey, costumes, and a lot of silliness and laughter. My face was still hurting the next day!

Naomi did my make-up while we hung out, chatted, and giggled and then we took some photos out in the backyard. I had an incredible day and I was really able to enjoy it because my skin wasn't burning and my pain was really low!  It really was a wonderful day and I hope we get to go back soon!