Friday, May 10, 2019

Furls Streamline Crochet Hook Review

Hello! Today I'm feeling very achy so I'm huddled under some blankets and I'm watching a show on netflix. I would be a little sad that I'm not able to do much today but instead, I've got a crochet project on my lap and every so often I can pick up my Furls Streamline crochet hook and I can crochet a couple of rows. As I insert my hook into the next stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop, I feel happy. I'm creating something and as I'm creating it, I'm enjoying the process so much because my yarn is soft and my hook glides smoothly and easily over the yarn as I create stitch after stitch.

As a crocheter and crochet designer, my crochet hook is just as important as the yarn that I'm crocheting it with. If you would spend $25 or more on a skein of hand dyed yarn, why wouldn't you want to spend a little more money on the hook that you will be using, not just once, but for a really long time? Especially when it is as wonderful as the Furls Streamlines are, and they are even backed by a lifetime warranty.

The tear drop shapes makes the handle thicker than a conventional crochet hook handle. This allows the hand to be more relaxed while holding the hook. Since your hand is more relaxed, there is less strain and tension on the hands and wrists. This helps to prevent pain, which means that you can crochet longer and with no or little pain.

The crochet hook material is made of 3 different woods. Camwood, Rosewood and Ebony. I have tried the Rosewood and Ebony, and I have held and looked at a Camwood crochet hook for a giveaway contest, which was absolutely beautiful by the way, that I held a couple months back. Each hook has a unique wood grain and they are all incredibly lightweight and beautiful. Each hook is polished with a lacquer smooth finish, which glides over any yarn.

The Rosewood hook is absolutely stunning. I love the deep, rich reddish color and the unique wood grain is incredible.

The ebony crochet hooks are elegant in every way. Each hook has a dark, almost black wood color and each hook is very unique. The size K is extremely dark with hardly any wood grain showing at all, but the size P has lighter wood colors and you can see the wood grain. I think it's absolutely gorgeous and it is my favorite of the two.

The length of these crochet hooks are 7 inches. This is longer than a normal conventional crochet hook and it is also longer than the Alpha Series hooks (read my review here) and I must admit that it did take me a little bit to get used to the length. I have small hands and I hold my crochet hook like a knife and at first I kept getting the end of the hook caught in my project, but with a little practice, I have gotten used to the length.

The tip of the crochet hook is wonderful! I learned to crochet with a Boye crochet hook which has a tapered tip, and so I do like the shape of a Boye better than the in lined shape of a Susan Bates. I think this tip is somewhere between the two, with the best of both worlds. It is shaped more like a Boye but the tip is pointier, like a Susan Bates. This makes it easier to insert your hook into stitches and I had no trouble using my streamline to crochet the waistcoat stitch, which is a harder stitch to insert your hook into.

The shape of these hooks and the fact that they are so lightweight, make these perfect for a crocheter like me. They are more comfortable for my hands to hold so I can crochet faster and longer, which means I can finish a project faster. I'm generally a pretty slow crocheter, but I have noticed that my speed increases dramatically (for me) with the streamline hooks.

Because of the lacquer smooth finish, these hooks really do glide easily and smoothly over every yarn that I have tried with them. I think this is also what helps me crochet faster. The yarn is actually gliding over the yarn at a much faster rate than my metal hooks, which allows me to crochet faster and happier. I love the feel of the hook gliding over my yarn while I crochet. It is extremely satisfying and I am deeply in love with these hooks. Plus, they are extremely beautiful and are captivating to watch as I crochet.

My opinion is that the Streamline hooks are worth every penny. They are also the most affordable line that Furls offers right now and they are amazing.

What color would you choose?

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I hope ya'll are having a wonderful day!

Disclaimer: I did purchase the size P and K streamline hooks but the size J was given to me for this review. These are my honest opinions of these products. 

There once was a man that started a company named Furls,
and he sold crochet hooks all over the world to boys and girls.
These hooks are special because they are handmade by artists,