Monday, November 19, 2018

Furls Alpha Series Crochet Hook Review

Hello! Today my mind is on the crochet hook, the tool that us as crocheters use every time we want to crochet. I am so lucky that the wonderful and generous people at Furls Fiberarts, have sent me the Alpha Series crochet hook for me to review for ya'll and I am giving one away to a lucky Alex Beanie CAL participant that completes the Alex Beanie by the deadline. Hurry, there is still time to make an Alex Beanie and put your name into the drawing to win an Alpha Series Furls Crochet Hook! Click here for the info.

The crochet hook. It is a necessity, for crocheters, but there are different brands, kinds, sizes, colors and etc to choose from. I've learned that the size, shape and weight play an important factor into how long and without pain that I can crochet. I have several chronic illnesses that cause a lot of pain and crochet is a distraction from the pain so I can not crochet with a hook that causes more pain or fatigue in my hands, wrists and fingers.

Every person is different and what works for me, may not work for the next person, but I know through experience that a smaller, lightweight hook causes me less pain and fatigue, which means I get to crochet longer and faster. This also means that I get to crochet and design more, which makes me happy.

Furls Fiberarts makes luxury fiberarts tools and crochet hooks that are backed by a lifetime warranty. The Alpha Series crochet hook is a handmade wooden crochet hook that has 7 different options on the type of wood that it is made from. They are: tulipwood, cocobolo, blackwood, purpleheart, bloodwood, olivewood and rosewood.The Alpha Series hook that I am reviewing today is the Alpha Series Size G (4.00 mm) crochet hook in rosewood.

The Alpha Series is the first series of hooks that founder Harrison Richards starting making, by hand, in his parents garage. The hooks are still made by hand, by artists, so each hook is completely unique. Each hook is carved from a piece of timber that came from a tree, then the hooks are hand carved, and last they are polished to a glass like surface.

Each hook has a proprietary inline/tapered fusion head with a micropolished tip for effortless glide. I love this kind of head on crochet hooks and I love crocheting with it. The yarn glides like butter over of the hook, smooth and easy. The head of the hook does not split the yarn and I enjoy each stitch that I make with this hook.

It has a beautiful, bulbous ergonomic grip that is easy to grip and helps to eliminate tension. I can crochet longer, faster and more often with this hook. I love the way this hook feels in my hand. It's not too large and it is very lightweight. The grip and the weight of it makes it perfect for my hands, fingers and wrists.

The look of the tail end of the hook is both functional and pretty, with a descended tapered tail that is advertised to be great for mcp and tcl joint relief.

Furls Fiberarts also has other lines of crochet hooks, yarn bowls, cases/displays and jewelry.

I love this hook. I have crocheted everyday with it, since I have received it and I can really tell a difference in how long and fast I crochet with this hook. It is a luxury crochet hook that I think would make a wonderful Christmas present, hint hint, Christmas is right around the corner, for someone that loves to crochet or as a present to yourself, you deserve it!

Have you tried a Furls crochet hook? If so, which one?

I hope ya'll are having a wonderful day, 
until next time,bye! <3Alex