Saturday, January 17, 2015

I'm In Happily Hooked Magazine!

I have some really INCREDIBLE NEWS!!!

I'm in the January issue of Happily Hooked Magazine !!! About a month ago Kathryn Vercillo from Crochet Concupiscence asked me if I would do an interview for her and answer some questions. Later I found out that it was for Happily Hooked Magazine!!!

I still can't believe it! Thank you so much Kathryn for interviewing me for this article!!!

Kathryn asked some really great questions and I think the article turned out really wonderful. They also used several of my pictures in it and I love that! If ya'll would like to read it, the first issue you buy is only 99 cents!!! So if you can, check it out!!! It really is a fantastic magazine full of great articles, interviews, really cute amigurumi patterns and some fun crochet patterns too.

I hope ya'll are having a no/low pain day.

Soft hugs