Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Christmas 2014

Christmas Eve I went to my mom's and then my dad's and we had a lot of fun.

At my mom's we exchanged presents and I felt so wonderful that I had all the little crocheted ball heads that I had made for my nephews. My tiny nephew, Tom jumped up and down across the living room when he opened his Thomas the Train Ball, he is so adorable and sweet!!! He totally made my heart melt with joy!
The other balls were a Cookie Monster and a Jason from Friday the 13th. They loved them too!
And the balls that I couldn't talk about were emojis for my mom and little sister and I crocheted my dad a fishing bobber ornament with a smiley face.
And the present that I made my sister Melissa that I couldn't say was stitch markers! I ordered the cute little donuts and added the rings and lobster clasps to make them into stitch markers. She loved them too!
I forgot to take pictures at my mom's and I didn't take many at my dad's either but I did manage a few.
I normally take tons of pictures but I was trying to use my energy by just enjoying everything and watching everyone. I was very happy and it was so good to see everyone. The main reason I got my camera out at all was because Isaac and Zia were sitting so sweet and patiently waiting for their presents while all the other little kids were running around like wild things.
And my dad got me a YARN SWIFT (woohoo!!!!!) to go with my yarn winder and I could not wait to try it out even though I was in so much pain and exhaustion, so I at least got it out last night and set it up even though I haven’t officially tried it with yarn. I still can't believe he got me one!
We came home Christmas Eve and let Isaac open one present before bed and this year it was his voodoo doll (named Izzy that he helped design last summer) with the matching hat that I made him which he loves!!! Yay! And the hat fits him perfectly, yay!!!
Then we tucked him in bed, several times lol and wrapped presents while watching The Holiday.
Christmas morning I woke up about 7am realizing that we had no power at all and the whole street was powerless. So we got back in bed and snoozed till the power came back on at about 9:45am I think. Isaac was completely asleep and didn't wake up till 10am hehehe We had a lot of fun opening presents, eating blue berry muffins, and playing with toys. Isaac loved the giraffe that I made him and he named him Jay the Sock Giraffe.
The other hat I crocheted him out of the blue tweed also fit him perfectly and he loves it too!
By lunchtime I had to lay down for a couple of hours and I barely moved at all yesterday evening except to crochet a tiny snowflake using one of my new tiny hooks that my sister Melissa got me (she got me a whole set with a cute case, I LOVE it, she is so wonderful!!!)
and I crocheted a ruffle scarf out of one of the yarns that Sarah-Jayne sent.
(Sarah-Jayne sent me a package a couple of weeks ago with 2 christmas cards and some wrapped presents in it that I saved (that was hard lol) so that I could open them Christmas morning with Isaac. It was so much fun having some presents to open Christmas morning too! (I always get a few things from my mom and dad but I always open them Christmas Eve at their houses) The presents were so thoughtful. She sent postcards from where she lives (so cool!) a great smelling candle, a flower loom, bookmarks, a little notebook with a pen, and two balls of really soft and neat yarn. I LOVE everything she sent! Thank you so so much Sarah-Jayne!!! You rock!)
It was one of those evenings that I could barely move because of the pain and exhaustion but my mind needed something to work on so I slowly crocheted lol and I used the hook that Sean had just made a handle for out of polymer clay. It was his first project and I think he did a wonderful job, I love it! And it worked great too!
I haven't made a ruffle scarf before and I was so surprised with how easy, fun, and extremely fast you can make one! I took a couple of pics today when I wore it.
I had an absolutely wonderful Christmas!
I hope ya'll did too if you celebrate. Did ya'll get any presents that you would like to tell me about or show me? I would love to see what ya'll got, especially the yarny gifts!

I hope ya'll are having a no/low pain day.

Soft hugs <3