Monday, June 3, 2019

Unboxing The Wrong Dressform!

I ordered a dressform off of ebay, and it came without very much delay.
It was supposed to be a lady in white, but alas this dressform was not right.
After a bit of thought and hot glue, my dressform is changed and brand new! 
Scroll down for the unboxing video, review and the before and after!

A couple of months ago, I ordered a dressform off of ebay. I had looked and looked at dressforms and read tons of reviews. It took me a long time to decide, but finally I picked one and ordered it and I was so excited!

The dressform came very quickly, which was a nice surprise, but when I peaked into the box to check to see what was inside, I saw immediately that it was the wrong dressform. The one that I had ordered was plain white with a black stand and black finial. The dressform that they sent, has a black stand and black finial but it is trimmed with black ribbon.

I contacted the company that I bought the dressform from and they assured me that they would correct the situation. They then offered me $15, which I replied that $15 did not correct the situation because I still had the wrong one. They then replied that I could keep the wrong one and they would send me the correct one. I happily awaited the arrival of the correct dressform but to my dismay, they sent me the wrong one again! I informed the company and they then offered $15 and for me to keep the two dressforms. I had a plan for the $15, so I happily accepted the offer. After I recieved the $15, I then spent it on 2 jersey dressform covers so I could cover the black ribbon.

Watch my unboxing, review and how I changed my dressform in my video below.

After changing my dressform, I am now completed happy with it and I love that it has my own touch added to it! I do think she needs a name. What would you name her? Do you have a dressform? What is her/his name?