Friday, June 15, 2018

Sock Panda Review

Hello! I love monthly subscriptions. Aren't they cool? It's so fun going out to check my mailbox, open it up and see a package for me! And I know that they will be socks, but what socks? So then I take my package inside, open it and what a wonderful surprise!

Sock Panda offers monthly subscriptions and custom socks that are amazingly colorful and fashionable. They started in 2011 and one of their goals is to make their customers say wow. The socks are comfortable, soft and their patterns are fun and creative. Sock Panda has paired with a family run business based in Lima, Peru that uses high quality materials while treating their workers well.

Sock Panda is also a wonderful company to purchase from because another of their goals is to make the world a better place. Sock Panda donates socks to those in need with every new subscription ordered. They have donated nearly 100,000 pairs of socks to hospitals, schools, communities and shelters across the country.

Another great thing about Sock Panda is that they make wonderful gifts! You can sign up a family member or a friend to receive a monthly subscription. How neat is that?

 I was so excited when Sock Panda emailed me with the news that they would like to send me socks for me to review. I love finding and wearing new cool socks that are soft and comfy. As soon as my package arrived, I eagerly opened it to find two beautiful pairs of socks! I told Sock Panda that I am a crochet designer and the first pair of socks that I pulled out of the package had yarn on them! Wow!  So cool! I absolutely love them!

Look at the balls of yarn! So neat!

The second pair of socks that I pulled out are just as cute as the first pair. They have little ice creams  on them and I think they are perfect for summer! I love the pink and the little ice creams are just darling! I love the second pair of socks almost as much as the first pair!

Both pairs of socks are soft and they fit perfectly. The colors are beautiful and the patterns are very creative and fun. The first pair are really pretty with the light blue and the pinks in the balls of yarns. The second pair are adorable with the little ice creams over the prettiest of pinks. I love both pairs and I will enjoy wearing these! I recommend Sock Panda definitely and if you love new and interesting socks that are a great conversation starter, check out Sock Panda! And right now you can get 15% off and an extra pair of socks if you use this code at checkout:


I hope ya'll are having a wonderful day!

Disclaimer: Sock Panda did send me this product to review. I did not purchase this product but these are my honest opinions.