Thursday, May 17, 2018

Unboxing May KnitCrate and SockCrate!

Hello! Happy day, it's yarn mail day! I love when I open my mailbox, expecting to see bills, but then I see 2 teal colored packages from KnitCrate. My day went from being just a regular boring day, to becoming an exciting day because I have surprise packages to open. I know they will contain yarn and patterns, but what yarn and what patterns? I can't wait to see!

KnitCrate is a wonderful yarn company that sells monthly yarn memberships. They have several different "crates" that you can choose from. For my blog post on the different crates that KnitCrate offers, click here. This month, KnitCrate has sent me the May KnitCrate and also the
May Sock Crate. Let's see what is inside them!

If you would like to watch me open these crates, you can watch my unboxing video below or you can scroll down for my review with photos.

The May KnitCrate Membership

The regular subscription to KnitCrate is $24.99 a month and that includes free worldwide shipping. It comes with 2 skeins of yarn, a knit pattern, a crochet pattern and a couple of bonus codes.

When I opened the May KnitCrate, I was completely blown away. The yarn is absolutely amazing and so, so, soft! It is a marled, or multi color yarn, and the gray and white twist around each other creating a very unique yarn. It is La Brebis by KnitCrate and the colorway is called Gray Twist which fits it perfectly. I think this yarn will be a dream to work with because of how soft it is. This yarn was inspired by contemporary, masculine and rich to celebrate the movement from winter to spring. I think it is beautiful and I can't wait to get it on my hook.

Each skein has 437 yards or 400 meters and is 100 grams or 4 oz.

This yarn is made of 40% Peruvian highland wool, 40% merino wool and 20% nylon.

It is a beautiful fingering weight yarn and each skein is unique and naturally dyed.

I was also very impressed by the 2 patterns that came with the May KnitCrate. The knit pattern is for a beautiful and lightweight shawl. I think it will be perfect for spring and summer nights sitting around a bonfire roasting marshmallows. It would also be great for chilly morning walks or when I'm just sitting in my favorite chair reading a good book.

The crochet pattern is for a very cute cabled clutch. I really love how this yarn works up and I love the cabled details. I think this clutch is the perfect accessory for anytime of the year. I love it!

The May Sock Crate

The Sock Crate by KnitCrate is $19.95 a month and also includes worldwide shipping. It comes with 1 skein of yarn, a knit pattern and a bonus code.

The May Sock Crate was also inspired by contemporary and I was not disappointed when I opened the package. The yarn is a beautiful indigo with speckles of dark blue, reds and greens. It reminds me of an old denim jacket and I think it is absolutely lovely and it is also very soft and will be a pleasure to work with. The yarn is Audine Wools by KnitCrate and the colorway is called Weekend. This is a very fun yarn and I think the name suits it well.

This skein of yarn has 439 yards or 401 meters and is 100 grams or 4 oz.

This yarn is made of 75% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, and 15% nylon.

It is a fun and pretty fingering weight yarn and is custom dyed exclusively for KnitCrate.

The knit pattern that came with this month's Sock Crate is stunning! I love the cables and how they flow all the way down the sock from the ankle to the toe. The color of this yarn works up beautifully with this design also. They look very comfortable and I know they will be super soft with this wonderfully soft yarn.

If you would like to try KnitCrate and get 20% off your first order, use the code:


I hope you try KnitCrate! It's a lot of fun and I think you will love it as much as I do!