Wednesday, October 18, 2017

diy Pom Pom Cat Ears

Hello! Lately I've been a little obsessed with something...pom pom projects! Pom poms add just the right amount of wimzy to crochet projects and lately I've been using pom poms to create a bunch of different things! A Puffball Gnome, a Pom Pom Cat, Pom Pom Panda Ears, and now Pom Pom Cat Ears! I also have many many, more ideas for pom poms, so keep a close eye on my website and social media to see what I come up with next!

These cat ears made from pom poms are so easy, quick to make and they don't take much yarn at all! I think they are so cute and would make the purrfect addition to any cat costume, whether it be for adults or children. These can also be made in different colors than what I chose and I think any color would look really cute and it can totally change what the animal is too! Make a pair with yellow on the outside and brown on the inside and the costume could be a cheetah. That's just one idea, I want to see how creative ya'll can get! 

Pom Pom Cat Ears


- Black and pink yarn (Worsted weight)
- Scissors
- Headband
- Pom Pom maker
- Hot glue and glue gun
- Optional: chalk


Open one side of the pom pom maker and wind pink yarn 10 times around the center.

Cut the yarn and switch to black yarn.

Continue winding the black yarn around until the pink is completely covered by a good layer of black yarn.

Close it and cut the yarn.

Wind yarn around the other side of the pom pom maker. Wrap yarn around until it is as thick as the other side.

Close it and cut the yarn.

Place the scissors in the gap around the pom pom maker and cut the yarn all the way around.

Cut a piece of yarn and place it in the gap around the pom pom maker. Pull the ends very tight and tie into a knot. Do not tie the yarn on the pink side.

Open the pom pom maker and slide the pom pom out. (make 2)

Take scissors and shape into a cat ear. Make sure not to trim the pink yarn too much or the black tie will show through. Trim both pom poms.

If you would like, take chalk and mark the headband where you would like the cat ears to go.

Take an ear, cut the tie off, spread open the pom pom on the bottom of the cat ear and squirt in some hot glue and then press firmly to the headband. Do this to both ears.

Trim the ears more if needed.

The End!

I hope ya'll love these cat ears! I think they are so cute and so quick and easy to make! If you make your own cat ears, post picture to my facebook page, private facebook group or tag me on instagram @_with_alex.

I hope ya'll are having a wonderful day!