Thursday, April 13, 2017

Coachella Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Coachella is starting tomorrow and I've been seeing a lot of different styles and accessories that people intend on wearing to this huge music event in California. I'm not going to Coachella but I was inspired to make this scarf by a silk scarf that is really popular right now. Like the scarf I was inspired by, you can wear this lightweight and lacey scarf as a scarf, headband or a belt.

This fun accessory transforms into what you need when you need it while you are on the go and having a blast listening to music from morning to nighttime. And if you are like me and you can't attend Coachella, this is still a fun scarf to wear all spring, summer and fall! Scroll down for the free pattern! I have also made a video tutorial and picture tutorial on how to crochet the Solomon's Knot to get ya'll started and I think this scarf pattern is a great beginner pattern for learning the Solomon's Knot.

Coachella Scarf


3 inches wide (unstretched)
6 inches wide (stretched)
60 inches long without the fringe


50 grams of Sock/Fingering Weight Yarn
Size E (3.50 mm) crochet hook
Measuring Tape
Darning Needle


ch: chain
sc: single crochet
SK: solomon's knot

Each loop = 1.5 inches

The Pattern

Foundation Row: ch 2, sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, crochet 9 SK
Make sure to leave a tail as long as you want the fringe.

R1: sc in 4th sc from the hook. *Crochet 2 SK, skip 1 sc and sc into the next sc. Repeat from the star 2 times. 

R2: Crochet 3 SK and turn your work. Put a sc into the sc between the 4th and 5th loops from the hook. *Crochet 2 SK, skip the next sc and put a sc into the next sc. Repeat from the star 2 times. 

R3-50: Repeat R2 until the scarf measures 60 inches. Cut the yarn leaving a tail long enough to be fringe and pull through the last stitch. 

Add fringe.

The End!

Copyright ©2017 Alexandra Halsey

You may sell any finished items, but I do request that you put a link back to my pattern and credit Alexandra Halsey for the original design under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. Do not copy, share, download or publicly display this pattern without permission.

I hope ya'll love this pattern and if you make your own Coachella Scarf, I would LOVE to see! Post pictures to my facebook page or tag me on instagram @_with_alex

I hope ya'll are having a wonderful day!

Soft hugs and Never Give Up! <3Alex