Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Video Tutorial On How To Wind Yarn With A Swift And Winder

Have you ever bought a beautiful twisted skein of yarn and didn't know how to use it for crochet or knitting? Is it still sitting in your yarn stash patiently waiting to be crocheted or knitted into something wonderful?

Winding yarn into a yarn cake is fun and easy and I encourage you all to not be scared to give it a try! 

And to get ya'll started, I made a video tutorial! (Last year I made a picture tutorial on how to wind yarn with a swift and winder. Click here for the picture tutorial. Or scroll down for the video tutorial.
Here's a little preview of the video tutorial:

And for the video click here or scroll down. 

I hope ya'll found this video helpful and thank ya'll so much for watching. Subscribe to my channel for more videos and please favorite it or share it. Thank you!

Soft hugs and