Monday, November 16, 2015

An Update On Me

Before my post I would like to share that I was the featured instagrammer on last week!!!! I am so honored and thrilled! Thank you so much!!! 
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And also wrote a blog on the mandala that I donated for the ‪#‎mandalasformarinke‬ project that Kathryn Vercillo has been organizing. 
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Hello smile emoticon I'm back! I'm so sorry that I've not been posting regularly or much at all....since the move I've been exhausted, overwhelmed, sick and somewhat depressed, and it has made posting difficult for me.....the place we moved into is not the place that I thought it would be, we are still waiting on repairs, and I've been so overwhelmed and exhausted with trying to unpack, rest, clean, nap, getting Isaac to and from school and to speech and cooking supper on weekdays and baking some on the weekends, rest and nap some more, plus I've been trying to see family and friends when I can. But I"m slowly getting things organized, I'm feeling much better (physically and emotionally) and I'm ready to get back into posting, blogging and making video tutorials, and I will get caught up on messages, your messages mean so much to me and I'm so sorry that I'm so behind's some pictures of some of what I've been up to.
During one of my many naps.

Hanging out at my nephew, Emery's birthday party.
I made homemade mini pumpkin pies and they turned out so yummy!!!
Crocheting a cowl...I hope to share my pattern soon.
Homemade banana and cinnamon swirl muffins, yum!

Happy Halloween! I didn't feel good but I still crocheted some  cat ears for my hat, meow :)
Isaac the reaper. While trick or treating, at one house the man that opened the door acted so scared and jumped back away from Isaac. Isaac was so tickled, he thinks the man was really really scared. Made my night :)
Trick or treating :) We didn't do any tricks.
Science Fair Experiment FAIL: Rock candy didn't grow, oh well, it was still fun.
Isaac's Science Fair Project: Does color affect taste? We used vanilla pudding cups and colored them different colors with food coloring. 

Color really does affect taste!
I got to see my nephew Tom at my Dad's the other day and the kids got to play.

I saw this the other day right after one of my really sweet friends called me magical. It really meant a lot to me and cheered me up.
What have ya'll been up to? I would love to hear/see what ya'll have been doing in the comments below.

I hope ya'll are having a no/low pain day. I just finished making chilli in the crockpot. I can't wait to try it tonight! 

Soft hugs heart emoticon
Never Give Up!!! <3Alex