Monday, August 31, 2015

My Cooking Adventures

I'm having so much fun learning to cook at 32, that I wanted to share my cooking adventures with you. I will post my favorite recipes, with the ups and downs included, monthly in a blog.
Before I got sick with my numerous health problems at 19, I loved learning to cook. I wasn't great at meals but I could make some delicious desserts. And I did try with meals, but Sean (my fiance) has always loved to cook, is a wonderful cook and had the time to cook, but now with his new job, he doesn't have the time. And now that I'm able to stand a hot kitchen again, I get to learn how to cook. I'm armed with my mom and Sean's knowledge plus the internet so I'm ready to get my cooking on! Follow me as I spill things, burn food, and hopefully create some tasty meals and some yummy desserts too!

So far, I've learned how to crush garlic cloves and peel potatoes!

August 13, 2015
Crushing garlic cloves was a lot of fun. I have never even seen anyone crush garlic before so I turned to youtube. I found a very informative video and I was able to crush my first garlic cloves! Click here to go to the video.
I was pretty nervous, but I jumped right in!

The garlic:

 I separated 2 cloves out of the garlic. 

 Then I cut the ends off.

Next I cut the cloves into 4 slices by making 3 cuts into the cloves. 
This makes the skin fall right off!

Last, I took my butcher knife, laid it flat on each clove of garlic and pound!  By the end, ouch! But look!

Crushed garlic cloves! I really did it! Yay!!! And it smells so good! I didn't realize that fresh crushed garlic was so yummy smelling.

August 30, 2015
My first time peeling a potato lol Not as easy as it looks! Sean does it so fast with potato peels flying everywhere! But after a couple of potatoes I am happy to say that I figured it out and got quite good at it. So, at 32 I peeled my first potato! Yep, at 32! :)

My new chopping block that Sean got me, thank you!

​And I'm finished, yay! My wrist was a little sore after but I'm ready to cook!

I hope ya'll like following all of my adventures.

Soft hugs <3