Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Cotton Candy Shawl

Last summer I crocheted my mom a shawl for her birthday and ever since then I have wanted a shawl of my very own. So when I found out that one of my local craft stores was having a sale on yarn I decided to buy enough white wool yarn to dye and crochet into a shawl. 

This is the yarn before I dyed it with kool-aid.

Dying yarn with kool-aid is SO much fun and this is how the yarn turned out. I dyed 4 different colors into a gradient from pink to blue. For the full blog and picture tutorial on How I Dyed Yarn With Kool-Aid And Loved It, CLICK HERE

After I dyed the yarn I wound my beautiful yarn into easy to use cakes. For my full blog and picture tutorial on A Yarn Swift Winding Tutorial, CLICK HERE.

Then I excitedly got started crocheting! 

The pattern I used was a free download from Red Heart called the Graceful Shell Shawl by Tammy Hildebrand, CLICK HERE. The pattern was very easy to follow and a lot of fun! It also was a pretty quick project.

Almost done!!! Just needs the single crochet border along the neckline.

And I'm finished!!! This was such a fun project! 

This shawl is so light and airy! Perfect over a tank top for spring, fall, and cool summer nights!

 And also cold winter days over a sweater. (I don't like to wear big heavy coats over my frequently burning skin unless I have to so this shawl is perfect!)

 Today was in the mid 70's so I took advantage of this warm weather with a slight breeze and crocheted on my porch swing in My Cotton Candy Shawl. Perfect! 

Soft hugs <3