Monday, February 23, 2015

Kayla's Stars: A Birthday Memorial Yarn Bomb And World Record Attempt

The morning of February 2, 2015 I found out some really devastating news that hit me really hard.
We lost my baby stepsister. I still can't talk about what happened, it's too soon, too fresh, too tragic.

Kayla. She was my baby stepsister. I met her when I was about 14 years old and she was about 4. She was the youngest of our two families that became one by marriage and eventually with love. There were 8 of us kids and at just 4 years old and when she got older she was the one that could break the family tension and make everyone laugh and feel at ease. She always gave me the biggest hugs and could always bring a smile to my face by smiling at me. She had one of the most beautiful and contagious smiles that I have ever known. She grew into a beautiful, courageous, independent, strong 20 year old woman and I felt like she had the world at her fingertips and she could have done anything she wanted. She shined so bright that she lit up any room that she was in. I loved her so much and I miss her so much. I already miss the things we were supposed to get to do as she got older. I already miss her smiles and hugs. I will miss so much. I miss her, Kayla.

I am still hurting. Our family, her family, her friends, and all the people that knew and loved her are hurting. We will be for a long time, maybe forever, but we will keep her in our hearts and remember her.  I want to have a yarn bomb memorial on her birthday, to celebrate her life and the amazing young woman that she grew to be. Her birthday is July 13th and I think it would be wonderful to crochet as many stars as I can, we can, and hang them from one of the trees in my Dad and Stepmom's front yard. I think it would be incredible if we were to crochet so many that it could be a world record too! The most crocheted stars in a tree. I think we can do it, do ya'll want to help me try? My goal is to hang 500 crocheted stars in one tree. Also, if you want to participate but can not send a star/stars, you can crochet a star/stars, hang it from a tree, take a picture and send it to me. On her birthday I will take pictures of Kayla's tree at my Dad and Stepmom's house and I will post the pictures that get sent in too throughout the day. 
If you can't crochet, share this blog so that others can see what we are trying to do. The more the merrier!

You can use any star pattern that you like, but this is the star pattern that I used. It has a really great picture tutorial too. Click here for the link. I took 2 stars and sewed them together so that they won't curl up and they are two sided. 

This is a poem that one of my dear friend's wrote. Thank you so much Sarah-Jayne, the poem is so thoughtful, sweet, and kind.

Thank you again to everyone for all of the kind words, messages, comments, thoughts and prayers. It all means so much to me. You are all so wonderful.