Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Won Yarn From Celestial Strings!

A little over a month ago, Celestial Strings held a contest for a mystery bag of yarn and I can not believe it, but I won! I was so excited I could hardly wait.

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Rainbow Dash For My Little Sister

After a year of crocheting, last spring I fell in love with a type of crochet called amigurumi, which is crocheted stuffed animals. They are so much fun to make. As I am crocheting these animals, they come to life. I know that what I’m making is something special for someone to love and cuddle. So when I started thinking of something to crochet my little sister for her 13th birthday, I knew I wanted to make her an amigurumi. But what? She has always loved collecting little figurines and one of her favorites to collect are the My Little Ponies. She even has her favorite pony, Rainbow Dash, as a mural on her wall. 
Scroll down for my picture tutorial on how I made the mane and tail.